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When attempting to access Windows Update, it asked if I
want to run/install "", which is a file I have in
the Windows Update directory. It then says "Cannot Display
Page" regardless of whether I say yes or no.

And often my downloads would go halfway then hang, or
finish but then IE5 would tell me that whatever I was
downloading did not install.



 Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:43:52 GMT -- Help!


You should try purging your windows update cache.  Open the folder Program
Files\Windowsupdate, and delete everything there except for wuhistv3.log.
Make sure you're viewing hidden files and delete any hidden files as well.

Then, go to windows\downloaded program files, and look for an entry labeled
"CV3 class".  Right-click on the icon and choose "remove".  then, go to your
windows\system32 directory and delete the file "wuv3is.dll" if it's still
there.  finally, go back to the website and see whether the problem is
resolved.  If not, post back here and let us know your operating system
version and locale, the version of Internet Explorer, and what your internet
configuration is (behind a proxy?).

Nick Dallett
Development Lead
Windows Update Sustained Engineering

All advice is offered as-is without warranty of any kind


 Wed, 27 Oct 2004 05:55:29 GMT   
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