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 New version of NSLOOKUP for Windows

NSLOOKUP - name server lookup for Windows - Version 1.1

Primary ftp server :

It requires a working Winsock and Windows 3.1.

It enables you to query nameservers anywhere on the Internet for any kind
of supported name record.

This program is one element of WigWam for the Internet,
a forthcoming off-line news and mail reader from Ashmount Research Ltd.

This will be an extension of the existing range of off-line readers for
remote services, such as Compuserve, CIX and BIX, and the local
conferencing and email application - PowWow.

WigWam for the Internet will allow you to gather news and mail in bulk
over a SLIP or other WINSOCK network connection, read and reply to
it off-line, and send the replies the next time you connect.

For more information on WigWam and other Ashmount products, mail (Preferred)
Alternatively, telephone +44171 935 7712

Ashmount has kindly allowed me to make this program
available on the Internet. It is not released into the
public domain, and remains Copyright (c) Ashmount
Research Ltd.

Changes for 1.1

Can copy results to clipboard
Can do IP Address to name lookups
Retains default nameserver in INI file
Nameservers collected in combo box for easy selection
More progress and error information shown in result
About box shows correctly on VGA displays

Nikki Locke,Trumphurst Ltd.(PC & Unix consultancy) is NOT affiliated with ANY other sites at

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