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 What is MS_WebcheckMonitor?

I have Norton Crashguard on my system which id intercepting a repeated
crash, "MS_WebcheckMonitor has crashed due to an unrecognized error". It
seems that a file called "LOADWC.EXE" is causing a problem in
"KERNEL32.DLL".  When Windows 95 tries to initiate this program, it
crashes.  I use the Netscape Browser, but have some programs (PrintMaster
8.0) which use Internet Explorer for help screens. Any idea what might be
going on here, and how can I stop this annoyance?

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 Wed, 10 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
 What is MS_WebcheckMonitor?

Loadwc causes all sorts of similar problems for some people.  In almost all
cases, it is not is running in the background, as it is listed
in the Run key in the Registry.

The best way to disable it is to get one of the freeware or shareware apps
that allow you to safely mess with the apps that start at boot up.
One is a freeware named StartUp Cop, which is available from the
Shareware\freeware section of PCMagazine's website:

Another very popular one is StartUp Manager, which should be available
or in the freeware section
or and click on Freeware

Here is some other info re: LoadWC, from a MS MVP named Tess:
Loadwc.exe, also known as Load WebCheck, is responsible for customizing
some of the settings in Internet Explorer. Loadwc.exe is responsible for
adding, removing, and updating subscriptions. Loadwc.exe also propagates
settings for user profiles. After restarting your computer during Internet
Explorer Active Setup, Loadwc.exe copies Internet Explorer settings that
need to be updated for each user profile. You can disable this "feature" by
going to
Start, Run and typing in REGEDIT.  Go to
HKey_LocalMachine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete
the "browserwebcheck... loadwc.exe" subkey.  You can also export the key to
be saved onyour hard drive before deleting it in case you ever want it back.
Highlight the key and go to File, Export and save it to your hard drive.


 Thu, 11 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT   
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