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 File is being modified by another user

I have a mixture of Win 9x and NT clients all connected to an NT network.
We have an Excel 97 spreadsheet that's stored on a globally accessible
shared file folder on an NT 4.0 Server (SP5) so it can be updated by various
users one at a time.  I do not want multiple users accessing this file at
the same time.

If one user is editing the file and another tries to open it, the second
user gets a message that the file is being modified by another user and asks
if you want to open it in read-only mode, send a notification when the file
is available for use, or cancel.  However, sometimes we get the "file is
being modified ..." message even when no one else is updating the file.  How
can this happen?

I've been advising my users to choose the notify when available option when
this happens and usually within a second or two, they get the notification
back that the file is now available and can edit it.

How does NT keep track of this type of file locking?  Is it based on the
users NT login security, the user name the product (in this case MS Excel 97
in Office 97) is registered, or what?

Sean Collington
Systems Administrator
Boehmer Box Corporation

 Sat, 08 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
 File is being modified by another user

This happens in my network too, in order to solve the problem, we
change/upgrade the
application into a Access one and nothing happen since then.

As NT have a refresh rate so when the last user save, the attribute of the
file is not
change till the refresh time.  Hence the next user would face the message.

Hope this help.


 Sun, 09 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT   
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