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 Solution to error "The MSDN collection does not exist. Please reinstall MSDN."

If you are unable to access the help for eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0 or
eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 and you get this error:

   The MSDN collection does not exist. Please reinstall MSDN.

the solution is very simple:

1. Delete the following registry key:
   Hkey Local Machine\
            HTML Help Collections\
               CE Studio Developer Collections

2. Run the Embedded Visual Tools setup program, using the "Reinstall"
option when prompted. You don't have to reinstall any of the SDK's.

This was posted to one of the embedded developer newsgroups once
before but that post is not necessarily easy to find. I came across
dozens of threads from people with this problem before I found the one
with the correct solution.

I hope this helps.

 Sat, 14 Aug 2004 02:50:50 GMT   
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