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 CD/DVD R/W Drive Does Not Recognize Blank CD/R In Drive

Unable to burn files to a CD-R using Windows CD Writing Wizard, yet a test
using Windows Media Player burned music onto the very same CD-R in the drive.
 Obviously, the drive is capable of writing and the disc is capable of being
written.  Moreover, the CD Writing Wizard does not, in fact, seem to be aware
that *any* disk is in the drive.  It does not appear to even check for the
presence of media, but instead *immediately* complains that no disk is
present. Removing a blank disk and reinserting it causes the drive motor to
whir, but still, the CD Writing Wizard seems unaware of the presence of media
in the drive.

Right-clicking in the drive window, then selecting Properties, then the
Recording tab shows the the drive is indeed enabled for recording. Burning
music files using The Windows Media Player demonstrates that the drive and
media are both physically functional. The drive and the media are not the

Any workarounds?

 Mon, 12 May 2008 14:51:06 GMT   
 CD/DVD R/W Drive Does Not Recognize Blank CD/R In Drive

Look at this link to see how to enable or disable the CD Wiz if you are using
a third party burning app, you may have problems if you use both apps..
http://www.**-**.com/ ;en-us;826510
Here is an update for the XP CD Wiz..

 Tue, 13 May 2008 00:51:19 GMT   
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