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 Automatic synchronize or automatic briefcase update

I have w2k server- some w98 some xpp clients. I need an
idiot proof auto synch solution to backup laptop and
desktop "My Documents " folder to network share.
Briefcase requires manual "Update All"
w2k and xpp synchronization manager ( offline files)
require preset size limit and don't allow you to place
the "offline folder" where you want it.

 Tue, 05 Jul 2005 23:31:07 GMT   
 Automatic synchronize or automatic briefcase update

As for the last part of your statement - Windows makes it difficult to
relocated the offline folder "folder" due to the fact that you can't
directly access the contents there...  

The proper way to do offline files while "offline" is to attempt to
use the network resource as if you were online (i.e., recreate the
drive mapping or directly connect to the network resource by path).
For instance, if I have a drive mapped to \\SERVER\FORMS as the F:
drive (with the contents marked as available offline), I can access
the contents of the F: drive in the same manner both while being
online or offline.

Can't comment about the Briefcase as I never could get it to work when
I used the 9x series of OS - It wasn't meant for the type of files I
put into it (CAD Drawings)

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