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 cpu revving

I have a bug popping up every 4 or six weeks, with no
certain pattern.  Basically the CPU runns at 90% + for
anywhere from a day to a week, and rebooting has no
effect.  The CPU usage is utilized by the system
according to the task manager, and this still holds true
even if no apps are running.  Although the solution
appears to be reimaging the hard drive, there is no
guarantee this will provide a stable system.

Anyone hear of this before, or isolate a culprit??

 Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:39:19 GMT   
 cpu revving

If you mean the SYSTEM process, this usually means you
have either a piece of bad hardware, a bad driver, or a
utility that is polling your system (like a motherboard
monitor, etc).

When you see this happen, start detaching things like USB
devices, network cables and devices, etc, to try and
narrow it down.

 Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:24:22 GMT   
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