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 Choose: Normal Start, Safe Mode, Last Good Settings...

hello, A while ago I bought the WD HD with Windows XP, and
installed it used it and everything was fine. I recently
hooked up this hard drive that I've been using as a slave
b/c I bought a new computer, and the new computer came
with a lot of good sofware on it... The other HD is the WD
80gb with the 8mb cache, with higher rpm's then the one
that came with the computer thats why I wanna switch
now... Now when I try to use the WD HD by itself, or with
the other one that came with the computer as a slave, it
doesn't boot up.  It always goes to the screen "Your
computer did not correctly do stuff, choose one of these
settings...then you get safe mode all that...NONE OF THEM pick any of em then after a few secs it
restarts and the whole thing starts over...I hit F8 and
all that, and I tryed all of the choices they gave me, it
just restarts after...I am positive I have everything
hooked up right with the right settings on the HD (Master
No Slave Present) or (master slave present) when I have
the other hookes up with it - please someone help me with
this one!

 Thu, 11 May 2006 02:37:04 GMT   
 Choose: Normal Start, Safe Mode, Last Good Settings...

You have to set the jumpers on the hard drives, to master for the drive you
wish to boot from, and to slave for the old hard drive.


 Thu, 11 May 2006 12:45:07 GMT   
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