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 "a network cable is unplugged" message


having 2 pc's both with 2 Realtek RTL8139 ethernet
adapter's, operating with windows xp and  windows 98

the first time i tryed to establish a network connection
with internet sharing, things worked fine, but since six
month, i was unable to establish any connection, and i got
always the message "a network cable is unplugged" from
winXp.... despite the fact that i have disabled the
Internet Connection Sharing....

i am sure that both ethernet adapter's and my twisted Rj45
cable work fine, - tested with other computer's -, i have
update the driver, check up connections..

i guess that the problem comme frome WindowsXp ?????????

if any body has a suggestion!! he's welcome...

i am looking forward....

 Tue, 20 Dec 2005 23:39:31 GMT   
 "a network cable is unplugged" message

Don't know if you are still watching this thread, but I had the same
problem; spent hours checking each cable connection.
Give MS credit for trying; BUT -bottom line- don't believe everything you
Mine turned out to be a software, not a hardware, problem.  I fixed it by
going to device mgr, uninstalling the device (network card), and re-booting.
Upon startup WinXP found the "new" NIC, installed drivers, and -Voi La- all
was cured!

 Mon, 23 Jan 2006 21:21:07 GMT   
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