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 HELP Norton!!

Ok, I have Windows XP Pro and Norton 2003 System works
installed. Now my computer freezes for like 10-15mins
after the login screen, my desktop appears, i can click
on icons, but they wont load, norton in the tray is
disabled until it finish's throwing its fit... now having
said that, i have dsl, and it does not do this when my
dsl is unplugged from the back of my computer.
under the event handler under system tools, it says
somthign about my computer not being assinged an address
from the network by the DHCP server, but what does that
have to do with anything??

Thanks any help is much appreciated,

 Sat, 22 Oct 2005 04:11:57 GMT   
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1.please help...Norton has done something to my system which I can't undo

I have a new PII Compaq computer, which has a 10 Gb hard drive 
partitioned into 5 2Gb partitions, by my vendor because he thought it
would be safer for Windows95.  Ok...I thought...

My computer froze and when I re-started, NORTON fixed the problem
before windows loaded (in the style of Scandisk) and detected
something wrong with the partitions.  I let it fix the problem and now
find that the 5th partition is now  a "CD ROM" drive, and this is
slowing up the performance of the system considerably.  Not to mention
that 2 Gb is now "missing"!  I have found the following unusual

Under system properties, performance tab,

File system:  Some drives are using MS-DOS compatibility

then in the box it says:

Drive G: using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system

I highlight it and click on details and a window comes up:

Drive X: using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system

This problem often occurs on more than one drive. Usually it is caused
by a driver in Config.sys that Windows doesn't recognize, and is
related to the problem "Compatibility mode paging reduces overall
system performance." If you also see that problem, see the Help for
that problem first.
If you only see this message on one drive, that drive is using an
MS-DOS compatibility (real-mode) driver, which may slow down access to
that drive. Contact your hardware manufacturer to see if an updated
driver is available for your drive. If not, the drive may work more
slowly than is optimal, but you can still use it.

I am not a computer whizz and would appreciate any help about this
problem.  Should I repartition and start over or is there a way around

I have been advised that it could be to do with Win 95 not being able
to handle such a big hard disk drive and that I should switch to win
98?  Do people think that this might be the cause of it?

Thank you for any help.  


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