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 Label printing with Lotus Approach 9.7, XP, Epson printer

Lotus Approach 9.7 installed on Dell with Windows 98 and
on Dell with Windows XP both connected to a Epson Stylus
Color 3000 utilizing Print Driver LQ-2550 supplied from
Windows Disk. Can print letters and reports with either
computer; however can only print labels with Dell using
Windows 98. Dell with Windows XP gives error message;
Can't use this paper with this printer; change paper or
printer." I have talked to both advanced technicians for
Lotus Approach and Epson; both assisting me in setting up
the program to print labels without success. They inform
me the problem is with Windows XP which supplied the
driver. Any Suggestions???


 Sat, 26 Jun 2004 01:40:18 GMT   
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