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 CDBoot: Couldn't find NTLDR

Hi; my daugher seems to have installed some adware on the kid's
computer that reboots the machine with a RPC error, a la the Swen
virus, but the latest (Sept 19, 2003) Stinger and sven virus removal
tools find nothing. This XP Home system as it stands is so slow as to
be unusable due the the trojan variant or whatever it is. I want to do
a repair install on XP Home (I have the XP serial number on a decal on
the CPU box), but when I put in the CD and boot from CD to do a repair
install I get the message

LDBoot: couldn't find NTLDR

and the machine then boots off the hard drive instead.  Suggestions on
forcing a boot from CD for repair purposes?

(I should add that I put in a Linux partition on another drive in
order to back up the Documents and Settings folders of the original XP
system to network before planning the reapair install, in case these
got messed up by the repair).

 Sun, 12 Mar 2006 22:24:21 GMT   
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