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 Replacing Boot Drive

Want to replace my boot hard drive with bigger one.
Have Drive, and 2nd drive.
How best to install/copy XP to new disk, and then
reconfigure to all it to be startup disk. I then want
to remove the original boot disk.

Can you just add the new drive, format it - with a
partition/volume for the OS, and copy from the
original "c" drive to it, then replace/swap hard drives
on the positions on the cable?

Thanks for your help....

 Mon, 07 Mar 2005 12:23:19 GMT   
 Replacing Boot Drive

You would achieve better (workable) results with a third party program such
as Ghost, Drive Image or the like.  Simply copying files has not worked
since long ago.

Some hard drives will also include a utility to image an older drive to
their new one.  Just make sure that the program is compatible with XP!

Good luck, Len


 Mon, 07 Mar 2005 22:48:34 GMT   
 Replacing Boot Drive
most new retail harddrives come with a disk to disk copier, but if your partition is ntfs it will not work so:
get BOOTITNG from:
create a folder and extract the contents of the to it
click on bootitng.exe and it will create a bootable floppy diskette for you
boot you pc with this diskette
when you see the SETUP Dialog box click on Cancel as you do not want to install it
You will receive another Dialog Box informing you that you are now entering Maintenance mode, click Ok
Click on the Partition Work icon on the right hand side of the screen
Select which Hard Drive that you want to copy FROM by clicking on HD 0
Click on the partition you want to Copy from
Click the COPY Button, you will see at the bottom Paste Pending for copy,
Select which Hard Drive that you want to copy TO by clicking on HD 1
Click on the partition(FreeSpace) you want to Copy TO  
click the PASTE button
It should be pretty self -explanatory after this......
just follow the prompts......

All of the above assumes that you have your current older drive jumpered still as Primary Master,,,

Afterwards you should power down the system, Jumper the New Bigger drive as the Primary Master drive , and put
it in the older drives position on the ide cable....
Also then rejumper the older drive to whatever you need it to be....
Upon first reboot, go into the bios and do an Hardware IDE autodetect to make sure the Hardrrives are jumopered/positioned as you
need and want them to be.....
perform a chkdsk c: /r on the first disk prior to starting....

 Tue, 08 Mar 2005 04:23:11 GMT   
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