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 WindowsXP Update just keeps refreshing "Scan for updates" page!!!

The Windows XP Update worked great for about a month or more.

Then all of a sudden it just started doing this funny thing where it just
keeps refreshing the "Scan for updates" page whenever you select any of the
updates that it says are available.  It had been like this for about a
month.  It said that I had 8 updates, 3 drivers, and no critical updates.
Then I did not use this notebook for about a month.

Then today I tried Update again, but this time it showed that I also had 6
new critical updates.  When I did "scan for updates" it showed the 6 new
critical, 8 updates, 3 drivers.  I clicked on the 6 critical and I was able
to successfully download and install them

But I am back to where I was before.  It will not, no matter which option I
choose, allow me to even get to the point where I can even view either the 8
updates or 3 drivers.

Why does it keep refreshing the "Scan for updates" page, over and over?

I did a search using Google Groups search engine.  I notice that many others
have had this same problem, but no fixes are being posted.  There is nothing
concerning this in the Microsoft knowledge base either.

Any Ideas?

 Sat, 21 Aug 2004 06:23:35 GMT   
 WindowsXP Update just keeps refreshing "Scan for updates" page!!!

Open Control Panel/Add or Remove. See the list of installed Hot Fixes

Make a list of the Q***** numbers associated with each fix.

Open Windows Update/Scan for Updates

Make a second list with the Q***** numbers

Note each Q****** that appears on BOTH list.

Exit Windows Update. Start/run Regedit.


Right click on the SP1 folder and click export. Save it.

Double click on the SP1 folder and see a list of Q********

Locate the Q********* which were on BOTH of your list.

Delete these Q********, but only these. Do not delete them all.



Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP Expert Associate
marfer's notes for XP -
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 Sun, 22 Aug 2004 01:16:31 GMT   
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