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My XP Home Edition PC has the following problem:  Reboot takes a long time
and when I am finally able to select User, I get background on the screen
but then that's it.  I checked in Task Manager and I have an SVCHOST process
that always runs at 99% of CPU.

- I killed the process and got a message saying I killed RPC and the system
had to reboot.  No change with reboot.

- Restarted in Safe Mode with command prompt.  I tried using System Restore,
which I have used before and I know is set up and has recent restore points.
But I got a message saying "System Restore is not able to protect your
computer.  Restart (etc)"  But restart did not change anything.

- XP Professional Edition has a tool called Tasklist that gives detail on
what services are running under the SVCHOST processes.  I copied it from
another system and put it on my XP Home system.  Got a message that said
something about not being able to find RPC Server.

- Looked in the registry and I see that one of the SVCHOST processes start
something called rpcSs.exe.  Thinking it might be a corrupted dll I renamed
rpcss.dll and restarted to see if XP would replace it, but it never made it
past 'Windows is starting up'

I'm .  There are solutions on TechNet but they all seem to be for Windows
Me.  I'm thinking there is corruption in a file or in the registry but I
don't know were to go from here.  Reinstall is not a great option.  Thanks.

 Wed, 09 Feb 2005 19:16:58 GMT   
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