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 Program Launch window opens when USB camera connected, but no programs are listed??

I have just installed WinXP upgrade over Win98SE.  I have a Kodak DC3400
digital camera which has a USB interface.  I probably should have
uninstalled the old Kodak camera software before the XP install, but too
late now.  I'm guessing this is a USB install conflict of some kind.

I have since, uninstalled the old Kodak software and downloaded their latest
version of Kodak EasyShare software which will work with the DC3400 on WinXP
according to their website.  My problem is this:  When I turn on the camera,
XP recognizes it correctly and brings up a window with the name of my camera
at the top.  Inside, it said "Device Connected".  Below that, it said
"Select the program to launch for this action."  Under this message was a
box that had my Kodak EasyShare software listed as the first choice and the
Camera/Scanner Wizard as the second option.  There was also a check-box that
would allow me to commit to my choice for every such event.  I did NOT check
this box after I had selected my Kodak software.  I clicked "ok" and the box
disappeared.  The camera and software seemed to work fine.  However, the
NEXT time I hooked up the camera, the same window/box combo opened up but
there were NO software selections in it.  The camera shows up in MY COMPUTER
under the "Scanners and Cameras" heading, but when I try to download images
from it, the Scanner/Camera Wizard reports that it is unable to detect the
camera.  Furthermore, when the camera icon shows up in MY COMPUTER, it is
labeled as Kodak DC3400 camera #2 as if there was a number ONE already
installed.  I'm sure this has to do with the previous version of software
before my XP upgrade install.....

I have been able to find NOTHING about this on the MSKB or this forum.

So, can anyone help me out on this??   Thanks for any and all help!


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