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 Speedstep not working properly

I have been having problems trying to get my PC to follow the BIOS defaults
when running XP for Speedstep.

The machine has a P3 M processor that runs at 1.2Ghz.  unfortunately this
can mean it will run at 797Mhz or 1196Mhz on Mains and on battery it will
run at 1 of 3 speeds. 596Mhz, 797Mhz or 1196Mhz.

In the BIOS there is a setting for Smart CPU, and also a whole raft of
settings for the both Mains and Battery.  If this is customised then Windows
XP should follow them, unfortunately it does not.  Under Battery this is the
case, under the mains this is not.  I have set the Mains usage to maximum
and all power settings turned off.  XP sees this differently and modifies
the speed between 797Mhz and 1196Mhz.  There does not seem to be any reason
to this speed increase or decrease, but Microsoft is clearly not following
the Intel Speedstep guidelines that allow the user full control of the
processor speed.  They in the infinite lack of wisdom has decided that the
user should have no control over their PC.

How can I get control back, as seen in any other Windows OS that supported
Speedstep with the Intel application ?  Does Microsoft know something that
Intel does not ?  Maybe they are trying to turn the PC into a Console with
the lack of user control ?

Any help would be useful.


Robert Dowell

 Fri, 16 Jul 2004 09:56:45 GMT   
 Speedstep not working properly


make & model of laptop ?
bios rev on laptop ?
fresh or upgrade install of XP ?

the official how & why of XP with speedstep
http://www.**-**.com/ #MobilePC

some issues with upgrades & a link for Intel cpuid, msinfo32 isn't always
accurate w/o  a restart
http://www.**-**.com/ ;EN-US;q299713


 Fri, 16 Jul 2004 22:49:01 GMT   
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