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 How do I uninstall the Microsoft WDM Image Capture (win32) driver?

I have installed a capture board on my system.  I need to use the Video for
Windows (VFW) drivers with the software that I am using.  Vidcap32.exe is a
free utility to check and insure that the driver is working correctly.  When
I run it , it brings up the dialog "Cannot find capture device.."  I can
choose the correct device from a list in the options menu.  The driver,
specific to the card, works.  The default driver is the Microsoft WDM Image
Capture (win32).  It would be such a help to remove this.  It always is the
default choice for all applications wanting to use the VFW driver that came
with the capture card.

 Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:51:32 GMT   
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