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I have a Pentium III 1000 MHZ- four harddrives, CD Writer and DVD Writer --
2gigs of ram -- I can give more details if you need -- also I have Windows
XP Professional as my OS --I am using a cable modem with router and sharing
my connection with one other computer at home.  This is my problem:  When
ever I shut down the computer -- it won't shut down -- it reboots again, I
end up holding the on/off switch to make my computer turn off.  Laterly
thought it has started to hang and not even reboot, I get the following

"IO System Verification Error in SSRTLN.SYS, WDM Driver Error 226
ssrtln.sys+2582 at F7759582"

I searched the windows knowledge base and google.  It pointed me to the File
Verification program "sigveif".  I did the file verification and it showed
me where the ssrtln.sys file was located and it also told me that it was an
"unsigned driver" .  It was located at C:\windows\System32\Drivers

when I clicked on the file and checked it's properties it said not
associated with a program -- but it also showed me that Vertias was the
creator of the file.

It was also suggested that I disable the file.  But I am not sure if Iwant
to do that because I am already in over my head.  I also have Veritas
"Backup my PC" program -- which I think the file might be associated with.
Before I go disabling or deleting stuff.  I am curious if anyone else out
there has come across this problem.  Any advice, suggestion or
recommendations will be greatly appreciated, thanks


 Mon, 20 Jun 2005 09:28:31 GMT   

Try this.

WDM: Introduction to Windows Driver ModelIntroduces WDM,
which is being developed to provide an operating system-
independent framework for creating device drivers for some
classes of devices

 Mon, 20 Jun 2005 10:06:11 GMT   
Thank you for the link -- but what I can see from it -- this is above my
head -- looks like a programer or supergeek would be comfortable with the
link -- thanks anyway --



 Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:07:47 GMT   
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