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 Blue screen of Death Stop:

I installed a new motherboard and now I get the blue
screen with STOP : 0x0000007B




 Mon, 26 Jul 2004 03:14:52 GMT   
 Blue screen of Death Stop:

| I installed a new motherboard and now I get the blue
| screen with STOP : 0x0000007B
Refer to MS KB Q316401

 Mon, 26 Jul 2004 04:03:31 GMT   
 Blue screen of Death Stop:

Thanks that I think will do it - I am currently on the
reinstall,  Unfortunatly Micorsoft decided to have repair
in two places and confused me the first time  with going
to the repair console instead of reinstalling and then

Hope this works although it makes sense...


 Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:47:10 GMT   
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Recently I've had several like this: 
BAD_POOL_CALLER 0xC2 (0x7, 0xCD4, 0x1814, 0x81816498)
And some like this:
or ??? 0xC5 (0,2,1,80533ED4)
or ???  0xC5 (120F0014, 2, 1, 80533E7D)

I've tried to turn on driver verifier (special pooling) but then the system
does not boot at all (a blue screen flashes on startup but I can't read
it -- goes by too fast)

I have to choose the "last good configuration" to get the system back up.

Are there any clues above -- Can I use the address field to find out what
driver is responsible? Note the similarity of the two 0xC5 addresses.

There's no new hardware and as far as I know, no new software installed
except for normal windows updates ... I'm "up to date" on all windows

Thanks in advance for help!


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