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 system error 1726

I have just purchased an Linksys Instant GigaDrive EFG40 (took 12 weeks to
deliver!) and am experiencing major networking problems.

- EFG40, Version V1.1 R02, ID 49002a000001-1005
- Maxtor 34098H4, 39080.00 MB

- Router LinkSys BEFSR41, Firmware 1.42.3 (UPnP), acting as DHCP server
- Clients Windows 2000 Pro SP2 and Windows XP Pro
- Protocols Client for MS, File and Print Sharing for MS, TCP/IP

The EFG40 on boot correctly obtains a valid IP address from the BEFSR41.

- the drive reports an initial free space of approx. 18GB, instead of 40GB
- shares do not show in Network Places (both Win2K and XP)
- accessing the drive icon results in "System error 1726 has occurred. The
Remote Procedure Call failed."
- despite of this error one can connect to shares

A drive check does not show any errors in the log. Problem is effectively
the same when accessed from W2K or XP. The "system error 1726" does not show
up with other network resources such as shares on other computers.

I already scannd the MS Knowledge Base on the topic but did not find
anything that might apply here. I also have contacted Linksys but have not
jet received a reply.

How can I resolve the "system error 1726" problem?

 Sun, 08 Aug 2004 16:17:20 GMT   
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