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 Security Descriptors

Running Norton disk Doctor detects error in "Security
Descriptors". I tried having the chkdsk run at startup
wioth the fix, but no luck. My guess is the disk is
locked due to the swap file. My questions?
1. How best to correct these.
2. How did the get corrupted. (I'm networked to my wife's
sys. and I moved over some files from her computer. could
this be the problem?)

I would really appreciate an E-mail response to
Thanks, Jack

 Fri, 19 Aug 2005 02:09:49 GMT   
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    I then checked "fix errors" and ran NDD again.  This time it fixed the index errors but not the security descriptor errors.  I ran it again - first without the "fix errors" checed to see what was going on, then with it checked to fix the errors.  I went through that several more times, then again.  I selected the "check free space option", and that didn't help either.

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