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I get this error every time I try using speech recognition software in
Office XP Word.

" winscksck.ocx is not installed or is corrupt , please install through add
& remove "

What do you need to install, because there id no listing under add software.

I have tried to add it through change hardware under Office XP and it still
gives me the above error.

Also my microphone will not pick up any sound when I try to run voice

Any help form users of this board would be welcome.

TY in advance

 Fri, 27 Aug 2004 12:18:51 GMT   
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I started receiving the following at start-up after 
installing MS security update q216309. I'm running MS
Windows 98SE on a Gateway Pentium II notebook (addtional
info is below):

GFXAcc pop-up at startup with " Failed to load 'Winsock'
from MSWINSCK.OCX. Your version may be outdated. Make sure
you are using the version of the control that was provided
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I updated IE with security patch q216309 last night, per
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My last previous update was with q313675, after which
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Language        English (United States)
Active Printer  hp deskjet 960c
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Cipher Strength 128-bit
Content Advisor Disabled
Update Versions ;Q313675;
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