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 Verifying DMI pool data error

I'm running Windows XP and everything has been running smoothly for the last
8 months, until this morning.  I shut down my PC last night although I
normally keep it running all the time.  I noticed a whirring sound as it
shut down and I've noticed this the last couple of times I've shut down.

Well this morning upon startup, I get a verifying DMI pool data error.  And
it hangs.  From everything I've read there is a problem with the boot files.
All I have is the XP CD-Rom.  I don't have a boot floppy.  I've tried to
boot from the CD-Rom with this disk but nothing happens.  Once while trying
to get it started I did see "success" after the verifying DMI error, but
then it still was{*filter*}.

Any suggestions?  I know this could also be a hardware problem.  I haven't
installed any new hardware for sometime.

Here are my specs:

Windows XP
1 60 gig hd partitioned to 20 gig (C drive) and 40 gig
1 40 gig
1 12 gig
PIII 800 mhz

Thanks for any suggestions


 Wed, 18 May 2005 01:29:10 GMT   
 Verifying DMI pool data error


That is a hardware error message. DMI data pool is related to the hardware installed on the system, nothing to do with WinXP. You likely have a failed or failing bit of hardware that needs to be replaced. The whirring sound could possibly indicate a fan or hard drive problem. Open the case and turn it on, is the cpu fan running?

I'd make a boot floppy and run a drive integrity check on each hard drive as well, though I rather think the problem lies elsewhere. These utilities can commonly be found on the web site of the drive maker and run from a boot floppy.

You may need to take this into a shop for testing unless you have spare hardware that you can swap in.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers aka "Nutcase" MS-MVP - Win9x
Associate Expert - Windows XP
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 Wed, 18 May 2005 02:44:36 GMT   
 Verifying DMI pool data error
I had that problem once, found out it was a harddrive cable that came loose,
make sure all your cables are secured.....


 Wed, 18 May 2005 02:51:59 GMT   
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