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 Taskbar in XP (Home) Won't Stay Locked

Does anyone have info on why my taskbar (WinXP Home
edition) won't stay locked?  It is currently on left side
of the screen and set at three icons wide.  When I
reboot, the taskbar is one icon width narrower than how I
left it. It doesn't matter how many icons wide the
taskbar is at shutdown, upon reboot, it is always 1 icon
narrower.  The taskbar is locked at all times (except for
when I have to unlock it to resize, after which I relock
it).  Any ideas?

M.A. Hallisey

 Mon, 23 Aug 2004 05:00:24 GMT   
 Taskbar in XP (Home) Won't Stay Locked

I have the same problem but when the taskbar is at the
bottom. I leave it 2 icons tall and find it as default, 1
icon tall, after every reboot. This is damn annoying as
the effort of unlocking, resizing, locking is not a big
deal. It is just driving me nuts. I searched all the
rgistry to find something and i found the seeting for the
taskbar size, contents and all BUT ITS NOT CLEAR TEXT.

I will post a followup for all who is intersted (as i am)
in debugging the info in that registry value.

 Fri, 17 Sep 2004 19:03:28 GMT   
 Taskbar in XP (Home) Won't Stay Locked
I found a solution for my particular situation (taskbar on the left side, 3
or 4 icons wide), of sorts.  I set the width to 5 icons and I have not
experienced the problem since.

I'm sure there is a Registry fix for less than 5 icons wide, but I don't
have any idea where one would start.  This isn't a fix, more of a
work-around since I would have preferred 4 icons....

M.A. Hallisey

"Michael A. Hallisey" <> wrote in message

 Sun, 26 Sep 2004 04:53:01 GMT   
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