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 SCSI - Invalid Filter Drivers

Help!  I reformatted my drive, and somehow, I have created
a serious hardware conflict between my SCSI card (Adaptec
2940U2W) and my new Promise 100TX2 card - net is that my
system locks up if I breathe on it.

If I pull the promise card (lose my DVD-ROM, 4th HDD, and
CD-RW), the system will work, but my 9GB SCSI drive is now
giving me an error in the device manager and a message
that says "One of the filter drivers installed for this
device is invalid".  That is the only exclamation point I
currently have in my system, since I have removed the
promise card.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Win XP Pro (base, with all
fixes to SP1), ASUS A7V333 MB, 768MB RAM, 9GB IBM DRVS09V
10k SCSI drive, 80GB Maxtor 8MB SE drive (D), 80GB IBM
GXP120 drive (E), Plexwriter 8/20 (SCSI CD-ROM).  Promise
card hosts 40GB IBM GXP60, 24x QPS CD-RW, generic 12x DVD.

Brandon White

 Sun, 03 Jul 2005 13:40:13 GMT   
 SCSI - Invalid Filter Drivers

Two options that should work:
1. Follow this link and delete the filters;en-us;314060
2. Try to uninstall the drive or the controllers from device manager and
'scan for hardware changes'


 Sun, 03 Jul 2005 14:52:34 GMT   
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