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 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!

Tried using Media Player to rip a CD last night.  Works well!  Should have
been trying this all along.   Of course, being a Microsoft product, it rips
to the WMA codec which is fine with me since Winamp plays that and my Nomad
II does as well.  All is good.

Except for one thing!  I was ripping Sting's "Fields of Gold" (best of) CD
and whatever Media Player uses for the album database sux.  It put the wrong
names on the ripped songs!  

What it looks like it did was introduce a song title beginning on track 5
that isn't on the CD and every song from that point on has the previous
song's title for its title.  UGGG!!!!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What can I do?

 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 00:05:20 GMT   
 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!

I've noticed this and other problems and have complained to MS about their
CD database. It often has only one entry for a multi CD set, misidentifies
re-released CDs that have minor variants in the track list (your problem?),
and seem to be missing MANY titles.

About all you can do is to go in and edit the data for each of the bad


 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:23:15 GMT   
 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!


Actually, use the Copy from CD pane's Get Names option previous to ripping
the CD.  That corrects it for you and queues up that information for a
database update in the future.

(speaking for myself and doing this in my free time)
See for some generally helpful WMP

 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:49:27 GMT   
 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!
That's just about worthless. :-(

...and what do you mean by "...edit the data"?  You mean rename the ripped
files?  I have NEVER had to do something like this in the last 300 CDs I
ripped.  The *first time* I rip with Microslack's stuff and I get wrong song

I'd say that wasn't QA-ed very well at all!  Someone needs a good kick in the
{*filter*}for choosing a non-standard CD database instead of CDDB or CDDB2.  That
is downright embarrassing.

I guess if I want to rip with Microslack's Media Player, I've got to check
the song titles when I'm done?  That's really disappointing for an OS that
prides itself on being "media ready".

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 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:53:55 GMT   
 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!
I just tried this with the 2nd and 3rd disk in Rush's Different Stages Live
set, and it insists that all 3 disks have the same tracks as the first one
<s>. You are correct, that in this case, if I do a Search by the Album
title, it does eventually give me the option of chosing the right disk's
tracl list, but this is not always the case.

I'll stick with my Real Player to play / rip CDs.



 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 05:26:58 GMT   
 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!


My point was that it's correctable, not that it's infallible.  Using Get
Names allows you to correct the information both for yourself and queues the
right information in AMG's pipeline for correction/updating.  Biases aside,
AMG / FreeDB / CDDB all have errors - it behooves any user of any of those
databases to help correct the metadata where appropriate.

(speaking for myself and doing this in my free time)
See for some generally helpful WMP

 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 05:37:05 GMT   
 Media Player ripped CD with wrong song titles!
In 200+ CD Rips, I have *never* found a one mistake in the CDDB database.  
Not one mistake.

My first rip with Media Player was a disaster.  Now I don't trust the thing
at all and have to QA all of my rips with it from here on out.

Microsoft should just use the CDDB database and quit screwing around with
"rolling their own".

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 Wed, 23 Jun 2004 06:10:30 GMT   
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