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 HLVDD Hardlock virtual driver

Several people have apparently had the same problem I had with failing
setup.exe (or other) programs which used the 16 bit susbsystem in Windows
XP.  An NTVDM error is generated indicating a problem initializing the
HARDLOCK virtual driver.

The solution to this problem for me was to download the latest Hardlock
driver from  I do not fully understand why Windows needs
this, as I have never used a hardware dongle or other lock on this system.
However, it resolved the issue and may be helpful for others.


 Wed, 23 Nov 2005 19:25:26 GMT   
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Hi all, 

I am getting problems with a couple of programmes and now an installation
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Somebody kindly informed me to use a hardlock removal programme and this is
associated with a dongle, and I don't disbelieve him, but I have not
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