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 xp keeps checking disk for consistency?

Hi I have had xp for quite a while and never had any problems but lately
nearly every time I start the computer I get a blue screen come up and it
says windows needs to check the disk on file C for consistency it then
proceeds to check and comes up with no problem
any ideas ?
I have two hard drives split in to 4 partitions on fat 32

many thanks

 Mon, 29 Nov 2004 05:25:59 GMT   
 xp keeps checking disk for consistency?

You should use the Recovery Console , and  use CHKDSK /P .
Repeat a second time, until no errors show.
If you have more than 1 drive, check 'em all, and specify drive as needed.
Then, providing it all checks out, type
chkntfs /x c:

That would exclude checking of C drive on the next boot.
The /x command-line option is not accumulative. If you type it more than
once, the most recent entry overrides the previous entry. To exclude
multiple volumes, list them all in one command. For example, to exclude
both the E: and F: volumes, type:

chkntfs /x e: f:

If you have a scanner on your system, perhaps an HP scanner, I
understand some of those can cause a conflict, which then leads to
chkdsk problem.

- -
Maurice N

 Mon, 29 Nov 2004 05:36:53 GMT   
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