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 USB power during standby

I have an external fan powered by my USB.  When I place the computer on
standby, I would like for the power to the USB to shut off until the computer
is removed from standby.  Currently, the fan remains running unless I turn it
off manually.  Any suggestions?

 Sun, 12 Oct 2008 11:25:01 GMT   
 USB power during standby

In Device Manager, USB Properties and Power management.

 Sun, 12 Oct 2008 21:53:27 GMT   
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I've had a problem with my Standby/Hibernate function ever since moving to 
XP.  When I try to go to standby or hibernate the computer just locks up.
After months and months of effort I've finally narrowed the problem down to
the USB.  When I disable all USB related items in "device manager" my system
will now go into the S1 standby mode (power supply fan still runs).  As soon
as I enable USB devices the computer locks up again.  Any ideas to correct
this situation would be appreciated.

p.s. Also if I can ever get past the USB problem, ideas for eventually
getting to S3 state (nothing to change in BIOS other than STR enabled) would
be appreciated. I remember Microsoft used to have a utility that would at
least test the various sleep modes.


Here is some background:

1)  My system used to work perfectly with existing hardware under win2K.
System would go into S3 Standby mode and resume with no problems.
Originally it did take a lot of work such as the right combo of VIA 4-in-1
and Matrox G400 video drivers to make it work - but it did. Note there is no
BIOS setting for S1 or S3 just STR enabled.
2)  I've done repeated clean WinXP installs and tested standby with NO other
software installed and same result -- lockup on standby. Tried combinations
of just loading VIA drivers, just loading Matrox drivers, etc. No go.
3)  BIOS settings are the same ones that worked under WIn2K meaning "suspend
to RAM"  and ACPI are enabled.
4)  Tried loading VIA 1.08 USB driver. Tried loading intel USB 2.0 driver
dated 12/01

System info:

ASUS K7V rev 1 MB loaded w/latest BIOS 1008-001D and notorious VIA chipset
Currently running VIA 4.37 4-in-1 drivers
1 GHz Athlon Slot A
Matrox G400 32MB AGP (tried native XP and latest Dec 01 XP drivers)
512 MB Corsair CAS 2 PC150 memory
Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 200 monitor
WD 80 GB hard drive
Netgear FA312 NIC
Liteon 48x CD
Plextor 12x10x32x
Iomega 100MB Zip
Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse (latest XP drivers)
Several USB devices -- all currently unplugged (ZIO CF card reader, AVF
joystick, Canon S-800 printer, Compaq IPAQ)
HSP 56kbp PCI micromodem
Adaptec SCSI card
Yamaha sound card
Belkin UPS on Com1

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