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 Volume Control (speaker) Icon keeps disappearing

I'm having a minor problem with XP home.

I cannot get the speaker Icon (the volume control icon) to STAY in my
system tray.  If I go into control panel, I can turn it off and back on,
and it will appear.  It will stay in the system tray until I reboot.  It
might stay in the tray only until the next reboot, and then not appear,
or it might stay there for days, through a dozen reboots, but within a
week, it WILL disappear.  Once it disappears (it will be missing
immediately following bootup), I go into Control Panel, Sounds and Audio
Devices, and the "Place volume control icon in the taskbar" box IS
checked.  But the volume control is still missing.  Uncheck it, then
"Apply" then re-check it and "OK", and the icon is back.  For an hour,
or a day or several days.  But within a week, it's gone again.

Obviously, this is not a life-or-death issue, but it's annoying.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on ?

Is anyone else having this problem ?

Lock the taskbar is "on", and "Hide Inactive Icons" is NOT checked,
although I've tried all combinations of these settings and nothing
effects this problem.

Can anyone help ?


 Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:21:57 GMT   
 Volume Control (speaker) Icon keeps disappearing

"Barry A. Watzman" <> wrote in message

if it's not due to Hide Inactive and your sure the Icons are Enabled to
display from their respective app's

It's a known problem, with no fix as yet 3/8/02, here's some workarounds

    go start > log off > log off
    then log back on
    R-click the taskbar & select Task Manager
    under Processes tab select Explorer.exe & End Task
    under Applications tab select New Task
    type in explorer and click ok
these must be repeated after each cold/warmboot
if you just want to set it once, Disable the SSDP & uPnP service's
    go start > R-click My computer > Manage > +Services & App's > Services
    find the desired service > double click > disable under Startup Type
get the info and a small utility from here to do it for you

this is what they relate to, I don't know why they would prevent the icons
from loading;EN-US;q262458

post back with results


 Tue, 24 Aug 2004 20:35:19 GMT   
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