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 No such web site configured at this address

I am trying to set up Int. Exp (5.16) on a Mac PPC (8.6)
through dsl in an attempt to get away from my aol service.
I had originally been able to use explorer, but ever since
I've tried to setup Outlook (5), I cannot get online via
Explorer. Upon launch I get the message  "No such website
configured at this address". I can get online via Netscape
and aol. I was told to re-install Explorer, which I did,
but still the same message.

Also, can outlook allow me to get my aol mail. I have tried
to set it up, but must be doing something wrong. I
frequently get the message "there is a connection failure"

And thanks in

 Sat, 24 Sep 2005 03:34:32 GMT   
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