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 Misc. Gear 4 Sale

Miscellaneous Used Stuff for SALE!!!

AV/Computer Gear                
        *Pair of EV Stage Speakers S18-3 w/ 18 MachII driver,
                VMR midrange, and JBL Bullet tweeters   $500.00
        *Pair of EV horn midrange/tweeters 1824S,
                75 Watts, 12"x16"     $75.00
        *Gemini speaker/stage monitor w/ 18" driver and
                3 piezo tweeters, carpeted cabinet      $75.00
        *Audioarts Engineering 5 channel mixer 5200A
                modified to take all line level inputs  $50.00
        *Boss 16 channel stereo mixer mod.BX16, 3 aux
                sends   $100.00
        *EV BK1632 16 Channel mixer, 3 aux sends, PFL,
                external power supply.  $450.00
        *Gemini MX7200 DJ mixer, 5 inputs, assignable
                crossfader, EQ, tape and main outs      $100.00
        *Tascam Porta One 4 track recorder      $225.00
        *Peavey 6 channel powered mixer XR600 B, 2 aux
                sends, built-in EQ and reverb   $300.00
        *Teac X2000M 2 Track Master recorder 1/4" tape
                w/ DBX, 15/30 IPS       $700.00
        *19" open rack w/ casters, sloped front,
                20 space        $50.00
        *Realistic 12 band stereo equalizer     $25.00
        *ADC 10 band stereo equalizer SS300SL   $25.00
        *JVC TDW220 stereo dual cassette deck   $25.00
        *Marantz SD155 stereo dual cassette deck        $25.00
        *Technics turntable SLBD10, beltdrive   $25.00
        *Fisher AM/FM Stereo tuner FM76 $25.00
        *486 DX33 w/ 8 Mb Ram, CD-Rom, Soundblaster,
                3.5"& 5.25" drives, 245 Mb HD     $500.00
        *Socos SVGA monitor CM1402 (14")   $100.00
        *Voyetra V-24S Midi Interface w/ SMPTE I/O      $100.00
        *Panasonic KXP series 9 pin dot matrix printer  $50.00
        *Macintosh 12" RGB display $25.00
        *Fisher 19" Color monitor/TV, Stereo       $125.00
Adverti{*filter*}t Signs            
        *Marlboro  flourescent display  $25.00
        *MeisterBrau flourescent (simulated neon)
                display $25.00
        *Lite flourescent display       $35.00
        *Miller "High Life" Neon Display      $45.00
        *Michelob Dry Neon Display      $45.00
        *"It's Miller Time" moving flourescent
                display $20.00
        *"It's Miller Time" Flourescent
                display/clock   $45.00
        *Michelob Incandescent display/clock    $15.00
        *Lite Incandescent display/clock        $15.00

ALSO:   Sun SparcstationII w/ 2.5 GB of hard disk space,
        32 Mb Ram, CD-Rom, running Solaris 2.3.  Also
        have original distribution CD for Solaris
        and miscellaneous documentation.  17" Sun B&W monitor.
        Asking $2,300.00

All equipment well maintained and in top shape.
All prices negotiable.  Equipment located in NYC.
Original receipts and manuals for most.
Please E-mail me for more info or lot pricing....

 Fri, 13 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT   
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