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 Diamond Monster 3D: is it a regular 2D video card too????

Is the Diamond Monster 3D video card a supplemental 3D video
accelerator only, or can it also act as your main video card?  In
other words, could I have JUST the Monster card in my machine or does
it have to also have another standard 2d card to work?

And are the 3D Monster Video card and the 3D Monster Sound card
different products, or do they come together in one package (one



 Sun, 05 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT   
 Diamond Monster 3D: is it a regular 2D video card too????


The Monster 3D is an add-on 3dfx card to your 2D graphics card.  It takes
up a PCI slot and uses a pass-thru cable for your monitor to connect to.
The Monster 3D sound card is a separate product that's sold separately; I
think that card also takes up a PCI slot.  I don't have either of these
Monster cards so I can't vouch for their performance.  If you're shopping
around for a 3D graphics accelerator, you should consider getting a card
that will also upgrade your 2D graphics, which will only take up one PCI
slot instead of two if you had separate 2D and 3D cards. The prices for the
latest 3D cards have dropped so much that a 3D only graphics card like the
Monster or Righteous 3D actually cost more.  If you're happy with your
current 2D graphics card and it supports Microsoft DirectX, then you should
consider the Monster or Righteous 3D card.  If you're not on a budget, look
for the Hercules 128bit 2D/3D Stingray video card. It has a good amount of
memory and has the 3dfx chipset, which a lot of games support it, and can
also play those DirectX games.  From the computer magazines I read, the
cheap 3D video graphics card had pretty unimpressive performances.  I guess
you get what you pay for . . .



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